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Hello, and thank you for visiting the Body & Spine Align site.  My name is Vicki Tate. I am passionate about providing safe, effective natural health solutions for you and your family.

I have worked as a registered nurse since 1975 in hospitals, pathology, radiology and aged care and been practising Ortho-Bionomy® since 1998.

As a scholar of the body-mind connection, I’ve learnt, how our past experiences impact our present health status and “dis-ease” processes.  I am constantly upgrading and upskilling to assist my clients to optimum health.

The thorough Ortho-Bionomy training combined with my vast nursing experience, have given me an innate understanding of people, as well as their needs and concerns during times of stress and ill-health. In most cases a sensitive, gentle touch during sessions achieves the best outcomes. This skill combined with an understanding of normal function and disease process, assist in the development of a program of exercises and other natural health practices to suit your body and lifestyle.

To achieve your best results, I also combine my knowledge and understanding of Yoga, Pilates, EFT, nutrition, essential oils and Vibrogym to assist you to a rapid, long-lasting recovery.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing how I can assist you to reach your health goals.

Vicki Tate

Vicki Tate is keenly interested in many areas of postural alignment and well-being. She is owner and Principal Practitioner at Body and Spine Align, Mansfield, Brisbane, Australia, where she has private practice offering the Spine Unwind Program for Scoliosis and Back Pain (R). She incorporates Ortho-Bionomy(R), Emotional Freedom Technique and vibration training on the VibroGym (the original vibration Plate) with her training as a Registered Nurse, Early Childhood teacher and Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner to design highly targeted and effective treatment plans for muscular skeletal and postural issues. She has a special interest in Scoliosis Back Pain  and Whiplash.

Visit www.bodyandspinealign.com.au  or email info@bodyandspinealign.com.au for more information


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