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Back Pain Relief Workshop

Spine Unwind – for back pain, neck pain and shoulder tension

Release, Relax and Restore balance

to your back, neck and shoulders.

When: Thursday 19 May at 7pm

Where: 27 Cresthaven Drive, Mansfield Q 4122


Pain Relief Workshop

A gentle way to find pain relief. Give your body what is is craving. It will work better and more efficiently for you. Easy to do and most releases only take a minute or two.

What is even better is there is no pain associated with the releases. In fact you will feel more comfortable than you can imagine.

Easy ways to relieve back pain

Easy ways to relieve back pain

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In this workshop you will learn how to

  • Develop your personal “Pain Relief Toolbox” to melt away pain
    Learn how to reduce pain at your workstation
    Increase your stamina and efficiency in 1 minute
    Improve your posture without even trying
    Sleep deeply and well using a 5 minute secret weapon.

You will be surprised how simple these techniques are to learn and better still – how quickly they work for you.
Your body will reward you for taking the time to unwind the knots and tangles.

“I gained much more movement from the Spine Unwind Workshop. I had forgotten how good it can feel. Taking the time to learn and practice the exercises in the class made all the difference, I would highly recommend Spine Unwind Back Pain Relief Workshop to anyone with back pain or scoliosis”
Di J, long time back pain sufferer, Mother or 2

“Vicki helped me sort out some very long term issues with my knees, which turned out the be coming from my pelvis. She has helped straighten me out over the years. I highly recommend this gentle work to anyone with injuries old or new.”
Bryan P Business owner

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Small class sizes ensure you receive personal attention.
Light supper provided

PHONE VICKI 0429 030 111

to reserve your spot NOW

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Hamstring Stretches To Relieve Back Pain

Hamstring stretches to relieve back pain

This gentle and supported hamstring stretch is a favourite with many of my back pain clients who suffer with lower back pain.

You will need

  • a folder towel of small blanket. I have used a polar fleece throw in this example.
  • a yoga mat or blanket to protect you from the floor
  • a small pillow for your head. Not everyone needs this, but if your neck feels a little strain it is better to elevate it with a small pillow of folded towel
  • a blank piece of wall
  • 10 minutes of your time
  1. Begin with your bottom as close to the wall as possible and roll onto the towel so it is comfortable and supporting your lower back.
  2. Take your legs up the wall and gently flex your toes towards your nose. This activates your thigh muscles and gives you a gentle stretch along the back of your legs.
  3. Rest there for approximately 1 minute then move your legs to the next position about 30 cm apart and repeat step 2
  4. Keep moving your legs 30 cm apart after each minute of stretch until you finally reach your comfortable limit.
  5. Begin to move your legs together 30 cm at a time and rest for 1 minute in each place until your legs are upright.
  6. Bend your knees and roll onto all 4’s to come to standing position.
  7. Notice how different your back feels. Did this relieve lower back pain?

If you have any questions please call Vicki on 0429030111 or email

Start here

Start here

Supine hamstring stretch

Supine hamstring stretch

Stay in each position for about 1 minute

Stay in each position for about 1 minute